64th Cannes Film Festival

Day one of the 64th Cannes Film Festival. A resident looks on from his balcony as the town prepares for the evening's red carpet opening ceremony..Cannes, FRANCE - 11/05/2011 (William Alix)

It has begun! Pro photographers shoot features, amateur photographers guard their step ladders -chained to fences in front of the venue three days earlier- and the city’s energy level rises prior to the evening’s opening ceremony. When it finally gets under way, a crowd is there to attempt to catch a glimpse and grab a frame of the movie stars climbing the famous red carpeted steps. Click on the photo to view the gallery.

This year again I am commissioned by ARTE, the franco-german TV channel, to cover their activities during the festival. This means ten days of lunches, cocktails and lounge parties on the yacht rented for the event to greet actors, directors and producers of the 15 films produced by ARTE and presented in the festival.

This should be an enjoyable two weeks but a tougher job than it sounds. Really. First lounge party tomorrow…



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