CDG Airport Prayer Area

Father Francis Truptil used to be Chaplain in the French army. He has seen the horrors of war up-close, taking care of soldiers’ mental and spiritual health.

Father Truptil is now the Chaplain for tens of thousands of passengers who move daily in and out of one of the world’s busiest airports. He will serve mass to anyone, adapting the service to all religions. Jews and Muslims have their own room adapted to their specific needs, but there are neither Rabies nor Imams working at the airport.

Greeting passengers with chocolates -it’s Christmas time and “no one ever says no to chocolate”- Father Truptil goes through the ceremony with spirit, his chants colored by the rythm of his military past.

People leave the prayer area reassured, feeling their plane trip will somehow be safer.

I only scratched the surface of the airport’s prayer areas, shooting on deadline for the French daily La Croix. Father Truptil was enthused over the idea of seeing more of me working on the subject, but the airport’s press officer denied me further access based on non-credible arguments.

But I’ll be back!

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